Monday, August 10, 2015

Multiple Secondary Axes in Veusz

In this quick tutorial, I will revisit the topic of "how to plot a graph with two different y-axes" in Veusz.

1. Load in the datafile as usual. Click on images to see an enlarged version.

2. Add an axis. By default is called "axis1" and is oriented horizontally. Since we want a secondary "y-axis" we will align it "vertical"ly.

3. You can click on the secondary y-axis and move it to the desired location. For precision, you can choose the "axis position" link and numerically enter the desired position.

4. Add your charts. By default, both the charts use the primary y-axis (called "y"). The example below shows how we can change this for a particular "xy" chart. We'd have to choose "axis1" instead of the default "y".

5. If the labels on the secondary y-axis go off-page limits, you can resize your graph.

6. I like to color code the axis and the corresponding dataset, so that it is visually apparent. You could also use arrows, if you like.

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