Monday, August 3, 2015

DeflateGate Links

What have we learned from the Wells Report? One of the things we have learned is that measuring the pressure of a football is not as straightforward as one might think. The head referee for the game, Walt Anderson, was alerted before the game that there was a possibility that the Patriots might be under-inflating balls. Yet the gauge he brought to the game and that he remembers using, systematically overestimated the pressure in the ball by about .35 psi. This inaccuracy is roughly the amount of tampering the Patriots are accused of. We have learned that temperature and changes in temperature along with moisture have a huge effect on pressure, 2-3 times greater than the magnitude of deflation the Patriots are accused of.
Brady can say, “I know I have legal risk but I am not settling because I didn’t do anything. Or I am settling for a fine to make this go away but no admission of guilt.”

The NFL can say, “I know I have legal risk but I am not settling because of um I need to Make This Right™…um er integritude… the doctrine of cheater cheater pumpkin eater??!?”
Disclaimer: I am a Patriots and Brady fan, so I probably suffer from confirmation bias.

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