Thursday, June 20, 2013

Exploring GeoGebra

I've known about the existence of GeoGebra for a while now, but this summer I've spent some time taking it out for longer rides. I really like the program - it is very intuitive to use, and there is a lot of help available online.

It does make math (algebra, calculus, geometry) very interactive and fun.

One thing I am very excited about is the ability to export GeoGebra worksheets into dynamic HTML5 webpages with the press of a button. This means you can make all those interactive JavaScript or HTML5 applets *very* easily.

You can already go to GeoGebraTube, and explore many shared worksheets either as Java or HTML5 applets, or download the "ggb" files and open them using GeoGebra installed on your computer.

I could not help but notice that its creator Markus Hohenwarter was at Florida State University (where I work) between 2008–2009. It is unfortunate that I did not get to meet him then.

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