Friday, December 7, 2012


1. Intel Xeon Phi: Will it upend the GPGPU market? A very bullish (read: overly optimistic, perhaps?) take "What will Intel Xeon Phi do to the GPGPU market?". Any way you dice it, this is exciting news for HPC developers and users.

2. GeoGebra: According to wikipedia, GeoGebra is "an interactive geometry, algebra, and calculus application, intended for teachers and students. Most parts of GeoGebra are free software." I gave it a spin recently, and thought it was a great tool for school kids to deal with the abstractness of math (until they begin to fall in love with it).

3. As someone who is acutely sensitive to "wait times" at grocery store lines and traffic lights, I read the article, "The Ups and Downs of Making Elevators Go", in the WSJ with interest.

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