Thursday, December 20, 2012

TeX: The Enumerate Package

The enumerate package provides a simple intuitive interface to control the appearance of enumeration counters.

You can adorn the usual enumerate environment with one of  A a I i or 1 to produce capital alphabet, small alphabet, capital roman, small roman, or numeric counters. You can also throw in some extra decorations such as "(a)", "a)", "N 1." etc.

From the documentation:
These letters may be surrounded by any strings involving any other TeX expressions, however the tokens A a I i 1 must be inside a { } group if they are not to be taken as special.
 Here is an example from the documentation:

\begin{enumerate}[EX i.] 
\item one one one one one one one
      one one one one\label{LA} 
\item two
    \begin{enumerate}[{example} a)]
    \item one of two one of two 
          one of two\label{LB}
    \item two of two
\item one\label{LC}
\item two

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