Thursday, July 14, 2011

Printing Webpages

Many websites offer printer-friendly versions of documents (Google Maps for instance). When they don't, printing can be a messy affair, with blank pages, useless ads, and corrupted formatting. Recently, I found two nice browser-based utilities that make life a little easier.

1. PrintFriendly: This is simple tool, without many bells and whistles. You simply enter the web address, and it returns a simplified, printer friendly version. You can then save it as a pdf or directly print it. It allows you to make minimal changes, such as deleting some items, before you choose to save or print it.

2. Printwhatyoulike: This site supposedly offers you more control over which items you choose to display. There is also a utility which lets you "zip-pages" (combine long articles which require you to press "next" 10 times) into a single document. I tried to use this a little, but my results weren't all that great.

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