Monday, June 22, 2009

Taking Stock

These days I find myself browsing a lot of financial websites, hoping to catch the next big slide. No, my intention is not really to avoid it, since I have a full-time job and don't believe in market timing anyway. But really, to do some bottom fishing once the party starts. I thought I'd bookmark some of the sites I visit often, in no particular order.

Yahoo Finance: I started using this a long time ago, when I bought my first few shares on the stock market in 2001. I retain only and was foolish not to take a significant position. Anyway I was (am?) still learning.

Seeking Alpha: Really a anthology of random blogs. It is funny these days I turn to blogs and the comments section of mainstream media articles for more nuanced information (financial or political).

Investopedia: Lots of fundas, written legibly. It also has a nice collection of articles on recent happenings, but like I said - it is best for knowledge, not information.

wikinvest: Wikipedia's little brother. I like the relatively clean interface (not as advertizementless as wikipedia), and contains fairly good information on liquid stocks.

gurufocus: Good place to see what investors I admire are up to.

Motley Fool: Used to be a vastly superior site. Now it reeks of commercialism. They want to sell you something every step of the way. But still, CAPS is a good filter for good ideas.

Other value investing blogs I like are here, here and here.

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