Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cheap Ticket?

I drive like my grandfather, and I am actually proud as I say that. I never go more than 7 miles/hr over the posted speed-limit, always check my blind-spots, and am not easily provoked.

That and other kosher things make my driving unremarkable, boring, safe, and is often enough to drive my wife nuts.

One night, recently, I made the mistake of saying to Priya, "Do you know, in a few months, it'll be 10 years without a single traffic ticket for me!"

The next day, as I was bicycling to work as usual, I got pulled over. This was on-campus at 6:15AM in the morning, when there was not a soul around. The officer stopped by next to me to inform me that I had "slowed down, but not stopped at the stop sign," and was going to write me a $153 ticket + 3 points on my drivers' license.

I kept muttering to myself, "God! Not like this! Not like this! At least give me the pleasure of doing something wrong before I am punished!"

Thankfully (really?) he let me off with just a warning. I've stopped boasting about my record since.

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