Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Koodle: A trip

Koodle is a tiny hamlet (about 15 families, give or take), situated on the backwaters of the river Sharavati, that my maternal grandmother once called home. I have many fond memories of the place and its people, from my childhood - many of which have no doubt been embellished by the usual romanticism associated with good memories from bygone times.

This past December, I revisited Koodle, after a really long time.
Signboard saying Koodle in Kannada
They say no man visits the same river twice, because it is not the same man, and it is not the same river. 

Koodle is definitely not the same. It has continuous electric power, internet, a western-style toilet etc. (all of which my daughter appreciated!). A few familiar people and voices have disappeared, while the ones that remain sound older, and wiser.

The soul of the place has not changed - it is still stuck in some strange time capsule. The raw beauty of the place and its people is still palpable. The vast forests of coconut trees are still glorious. They looked more impressive in person, than in my recollections.

A view from the hilltop
My uncle (who lives in the old house) is still the same old bundle of limitless energy. Just like old times, he took us places, and showed us amazing things. We went on a walk by the river, late at night. He showed us how to fish with only a flashlight. (There is a species of fish that becomes motionless when you flash a light on it like a deer. You can then scoop it out with a butterfly net.)
My uncle Anandu seen with his ancient rifle
Speaking of fish - we ate so much!  My aunt, a tireless hostess, kept churning out amazing stuff from the kitchen.
There are very few pleasures in life that can rival eating fish for dinner - fish - that were alive and well during lunch time.

We had an amazing time!


Sumeet Pai said...

Sachya sounds like an awesome trip! Btw have you been to Goondballe- the hometown of our paternal grandfather(great-grandfather for me?) We should make a list of all such places that we would have easily forgotten.

Sachin Shanbhag said...

Sumya, I don't think I have memories of Goondballe, although I am sure I have been there once. We should make a list, and then do a "pilgrimage" through those places :)