Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Visual" Links

1. Radiation Dose Chart: xkcd presents an illuminating graphic. We often forget that we are immersed in radiation.

2. Gallon to Gallon: Stuff that is more expensive than gasolene. It reminded me of an observation a friend made, when he first came to the US from India: "It's funny how the price of water is sometimes more than milk, which itself is sometimes more than gasolene, and peanuts and cashews cost about the same!" (via FlowingData). There is also an interesting chart at FlowingData showing the geographic distribution of gasolene prices.

3. Spectral Mesh Compression (pdf lecture): Interesting things happen, when you transform them (via Mathematical Poetics).


Anonymous said...

This blog sucks

Sachin Shanbhag said...

I agree 100%.

Anonymous said...

Typical Sachin response :-)

Anonymous said...

Sacin Tendulkar > Sachin Shanbhag

(More Trolling)

Sachin Shanbhag said...

I know I am younger than Tendulkar.

You should try to do something less useful.

... like getting your own blog!