Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Todd Henderson controversy

You may already have heard of the University of Chicago Law professor (Todd Henderson) who posted (now deleted, but available cached here) a blog called "We are the Super Rich".

Although he and his wife make more than $250,000/year, in the process of attacking the upcoming tax hikes, he argues why he doesn't think of himself as rich.

Of course the response to that has been huge, with everybody from the Wall Street Journal dishing out advice on how to balance his budget, to Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman calling him the "whining Chicago professor", and many less-charitable folks in between, not holding anything back.

My initial response was "he's got to be kidding, right?", but as I read through the comments and his first few responses, I actually felt quite sympathetic for the guy.

Everybody can solve all problems, except their own.

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