Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Installing LAMMPS with AtomEye on your Desktop

Recently, I wrote a brief on how to upload files on blogger using a Google docs as the intermediary.

Here I am testing, whether I can upload a presentation (pdf) on how to install LAMMPS and AtomEye for the molecular dynamics class I am teaching this fall.

Update: Need to share it with you :(

Here it is on Scribd.
Getting LAMMPS


Anonymous said...

Nice tutorial. Thanks for the presentation.

Sachin Shanbhag said...

thanks, you're welcome!

Anonymous said...

Dear Prof. Sachin Shanbhag,

I am Tam, from Korea. I have been studying Lammps and Atomeye for some days. Could you mind showing me how can I install Atomeye? My OS is win7; I installed cygwin/x into my computer.

I am so sorry because this might be a trivial question.

Thank you so much.