Saturday, August 8, 2009

Feynman Lectures

I found a this link via Simoleon Sense. It is really a fabulous resource, and I highly recommend it, even if your interest in physics is only marginal.

From the blog:
Apparently, Bill Gates has purchased the rights (to many of the Feynman lectures) and posted them for free on his Microsoft Research Labs “Project Tuva”. I can’t recommend these enough, Feynman had the ability of teaching science in a simple, insightful, and eloquent manner.

Often all it taken to enliven a dull subject is a spectacular teacher, and few can doubt Feynman's charisma. What Warren Buffet is to investing, Feynman is to general physics. They serve their specialties with a hearty dose of common-sense and humor.

The only problem with these lectures is that it requires SilverLight!

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