Monday, October 20, 2008


Priya is due in a couple of months, and like most women in this media-saturated-world, she is over-exposed to pregnancy-related information.

Being a scientist, I tried googling "pregnancy" and it gave me a 110 million hits (on 10/21/2008). For comparison, I also googled "porn" and it gave me 190 million hits (again, on same day). Not bad, huh. If one extrapolates this information with audacity, it could mean that the amount of pregnancy related information is about 1/2 the amount of porn on the internet.


When somebody said, "you can find anything on the internet," God, they weren't kidding!

Especially expert opinion on health-related issues. It is funny how every few years, important sounding voices, in important looking attires boldly proclaim that everything we believed in because other important sounding voices in important looking suits told so, is all wrong.

All freakin' wrong!

Eat papaya. Don't eat papaya. Eat eggs. Don't eat eggs. Do something. Wait six months. Don't do something!

PS: (11/27) I realized that I made an error in my informal Google test. Didn't turn SafeSearch off. Turns out, it does not affect my numbers.

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