Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Neat Little Integral Trick

John D. Cook writes about a useful integration trick by rewriting trigonometric functions as complex variables. He recasts the integral \[\int e^{-x} \sin(4x) dx,\] using \(e^{ix} = \cos x + i \sin x\) as the imaginary part of \[\int e^{-x} e^{4ix} dx.\]

The derivation is cleaner (no integration by parts), and you don't have to remember any trig formulae. You can do pretty much any trig integral:\[\begin{align} \int \cos x dx & = \int e^{ix} dx \\
& = e^{ix}/i \\ & = -i e^{ix}. \end{align}\] The real part of the last expression is \(\sin x\).

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