Monday, May 4, 2015

Subplots in Veusz

Continuing from the previous post, let us look at how to do subplots in Veusz. It's elementary, really!

In this tutorial, I imported the dataset near the end. You could, of course, load it in anytime.

1. By default, there is a single graph "graph1" under "page1". Let us first get rid of it.

2. Insert a grid in its place. Specify the number of rows and columns. By default it is 2 by 2. Here I want one graph stacked on top of another, so I choose two rows and one column.

3. Under "grid1", insert two graphs, by clicking on the graph icon twice. The graphs go into their corresponding places.

4. Choosing one graph at a time, insert the type of plot (here "xy"), and decorate it, as you will.

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