Thursday, July 31, 2014


1. Vax: Understanding the spread of infectious diseases via networks, and the role of tools such as vaccination and quarantine. (via Flowing Data)

Given the recent outbreak of pertussis, and yet another systematic review debunking the autism-vaccination link as profiled here, perhaps this game will help anti-vaccination folks understand how we, like wolves, derive our strength from the pack.

Also gotta check out Samantha Bee's piece (video) for the Daily Show.

2. At a recent conference somebody brought up Stigler's law of eponymy:
Stigler's law of eponymy is a process proposed by University of Chicago statistics professor Stephen Stigler in his 1980 publication "Stigler’s law of eponymy". In its simplest and strongest form it says: "No scientific discovery is named after its original discoverer." Stigler named the sociologist Robert K. Merton as the discoverer of "Stigler's law", so as to avoid this law about laws disobeying its very own decree.


Peter Beerli said...

I guess t that Stigler is incorrect, my two examples may we false but I would love to see why:
- AIC: Akaike's information criterion
- Darwinism or Darwinian Evolution

Sachin Shanbhag said...

:). The exception proves the rule?

Peter Beerli said...

No I do not think so, Stigler is wrong, if I can pull out two example without even trying to look up things then I have little confidence that his message is even marginally correct.