Friday, November 1, 2013


1. Talk nerdy to me: 50 "intellectual" jokes. Examples:
Two fermions walk into a bar. The first says “I’d like a vodka martini with a twist.” The second says “Dammit, that’s what I wanted!”
Did you hear about the suicidal homeopath? He took 1/50th of the recommended dose.

2. How not to talk to your kids. Reiterates how praising "smarts" can be problematic.
I am smart, the kids’ reasoning goes; I don’t need to put out effort. Expending effort becomes stigmatized—it’s public proof that you can’t cut it on your natural gifts.
I remembered how during my undergrad days at IIT Bombay, the label "maggu" - someone who had to work hard to earn his grade - was  decidedly derogatory.

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