Monday, July 1, 2013

Podcasts on my iPod

I've been a big fan of listening to podcasts on my iPod Touch for three years now. Here's are the some of the podcasts I subscribe to:
  • RadioLab: As of this moment, my favorite podcast. Jad and Robert explore scientific ideas under a theme. Powerful narratives,  ingenious use of sound effects, and seeped in humor.
  • This American Life: Ira Glass regales us with stories or "acts" under a theme. Similar in spirit to Radiolab, although the topics are more "human interest" than science.
  • EconTalk: Russ Roberts chats up one guest each week on topics loosely related to economics. I love the question and answer format.
  • The Reality Check: A bunch of college friends talking science. Each person leads a story, while the others ask questions, and make snarky quips.
  • Way With Words: Martha and Grant do with language what Tom and Ray Magliozzi do with cars (in CarTalk). Entertaining and educational!
  • Rationally Speaking: Another skeptical take on issues and ideas in a chat-based format.
  • Commonwealth Club and Big Ideas: Talks on interesting topics by smart and/or famous people. Most of the talks are more in-depth than TED talks.
  • NPR StoryCorps: Extraordinary stories of ordinary people archived for posterity.
  • Selected Shorts: Actors read famous short stories. In some ways, my only reliable source of fiction these days.
  • Stuff To Blow Your Mind: Another discussion-based science program.
The links above are to their webpages. Links to the podcasts may be different.

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