Thursday, November 15, 2012

Exporting Matrices in Octave/Matlab to LaTeX format

I often need to include vectors or matrices computed during GNU Octave sessions in my lectures or presentations. Here is a quick program called matrixTeX.m (stored on Google Drive) that takes in a matrix A and spits out the matrix form in LaTeX.

In the simplest form, matrixTeX(A), it simply takes in a matrix  A, checks whether the elements are integers or floats, and prints out to the screen in the appropriate format using the amsmath matrix environment bmatrix.

If you'd like the elements of the matrix displayed in a particular format, you can optionally use a second input argument to specify a C-style formatting string: e.g: matrixTeX(A, '%10.4e'), or matrixTeX(A, '%d').
In addition, you can also specify a third argument to specify alignment of columns as or matrixTeX(A, '%d','r'), where the 'r'  stands for right alignment. This option uses the bmatrix* environment provided by the mathtools package, which needs to be included in the LaTeX preamble.


Felipe Leyton said...

Great script! Thanks!

Manpreet Dhiman said...

Sir, I would like to create pdf using latex. But I want to write matrix using octave in my pdf file. What should I do?

Manpreet Dhiman said...
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jgarcia177 said...

Very useful script! Thanks a lot!!