Sunday, June 10, 2012

Interesting things I learnt recently

1. PLU Codes: I never knew those "Price LookUp" (PLU) codes on fruits and vegetables meant anything:
PLU codes: gardenpartynyc
According to the wikipedia entry:
The code is usually a four-digit number, currently in the 3000–4999 range, identifying the type of bulk produce, including the variety. The Produce Marketing Association suggests an optional convention whereby a fifth digit may be prefixed to the number to indicate if the produce is organic (prefixed by a '9') or genetically modified (prefixed by an '8').
However, adherence to PLU standards is voluntary, and you cannot use it to reliably tell whether something is organic.

2. GPU Programming in Matlab: I knew it was possible, but I did not realize how simple it was, until I sat through a MathWorks seminar on campus. While it works only with newer NVIDIA cards (that can handle double precision naturally) and allows only certain kinds of parallelizations, I must admit (with glee) that they've made it much easier to tame problems by throwing additional hardware at it.

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