Sunday, February 12, 2012


1. Why do Zebras have stripes?: BBC Nature reports on a possible explanation.

I am happy to note the skepticism expressed in the last part of the report:
"Above all, for this explanation to be true, the authors would have to show that tabanid fly bites are a major selection pressure on zebras, but not on horses and donkeys found elsewhere in the world... none of which are stripy," he told BBC Nature. 
"[They] recognise this in their study, and my hunch is that there is not a single explanation and that many factors are involved in the zebra's stripes.
2. Trent at the Simple Dollar has a handy list of 75 things to watch on Netflix.

3. How good do you think you are at Matlab? Ask Cody.
Cody™ is a MATLAB game that challenges and expands your knowledge of MATLAB. It is a web service provided to the community in which you sharpen your programming skills by solving problems and interacting with the community. You can comment on any problem or solution and learn from solutions provided by others. Or you can challenge the community by contributing problems that you devise.

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