Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike to work week

Generally, "Hallmark events", which seem to have strangely proliferated in recent years, evoke a mildly derisive response in me, for their crass commercialism. That way they can sell more cards, restaurants can populate slow week-nights, and essentially somebody, somewhere, can get the wheels of businesses rolling.

Last week (May 17-21) was national "bike to work" week, and it was a pleasure to see more than the usual number of folks grinding away the streets of Tallahassee. As for myself, I could not avoid driving on Tuesday, but still 4/5 is not too shabby.

Here are a few nice local bicycling related links:

1. Capital City Cyclists: a Tallahassee based cycling club, mostly focused on biking for recreation, and competitions - but useful local information for commuters as well.

2. Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association: maps of trails and pictures, which are useful because you don't have to commute the same route as you drive.

3. SharetheRoad: a Canadian site with plenty of interesting information (so not really local :) )

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